I think before I ramble on I'll give you the opportunity to start reading from the beginning right now. Unless if you want to know more... good! First things first! My comic style is called Manga Splice. What it means is Manga Style Primarily Influenced Culture Enriched. I'm not making a black only character comic. That would be boring for me anyway.I am making comic that has many different cultures and the hybrid art style that is not a copy of everyone else. Much like Bruce Lee, with Ty Quan Do I had to make something of my own that reflects my individuality.

Rain Of Gods started out as a half-baked idea that I kept revising and revising. Originally it was about a band of demons and mythology villains teaming up with a Vampire Lord to take on the gods. It wasn't bad but it was flawed and it started to get boring to me! It was too cliche I guess.

So let me start over... Rain Of Gods is about the relationships and the power struggles and the inner workings of the Pantheons. At the core of the story is a brave lad called Orion that is on a personal mission to kill Ares and show the gods that humanity is worthy of respect. Hey! I'm not biting off of "God of War" here. There is more to this but you have read the story to find out more. You may ask why I chose to use the tired old Patheon theme. For one-- I always loved mythology and fantasy. I labored long and hard and decided that my story will focus more on the gods themselves and not human protagonist (that always seem to have an astounding amount of luck) that it would be a lot more fun to write and read. 

      I said I'll use not one Parthenon's, but all the decent ones. I will tell a story that's never been done before, or at least try. Relationships and culture will be the focus. We live in a world where we're all different and have to learn to live together. So do the gods, and if they can't do that then  things will go to hell. I know guys are tired of reading the same crap and I'm tired of writing  it. So once the story gets dull or too predictable I'm changing it. Welcome aboard and thanks for reading. Oh, one more thing! To be honest, the just okay figure drawing is mine but the backgrounds are not! I found some backgrounds online that fit with my story and asked some of those (that contacted me back)who created those if I could use those. As long as I'm not making any money it's cool. I'm trying to improve in that area but I have long ways to go to be anywhere near these levels. I'm still working on that, though. You can also find my comic on Drunk Duck. Start reading from here. Also, you will notice  my art style has improved of late. Making me want to do this whole damn thing over. If take my time it looks very detailed if not it looks cartoony. Depends on which one I feel like doing.

Sorry, it took me a while to update my personal info. It was a little painful.