Wednesday, May 25, 2011


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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


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Let me first say I haven't played Dragon Age: Origins yet. So I don't know how this game ranks against this one but  I am impressed. Most people who has played the previous Dragon age games don't care too much for this one becuase of the hack and slash theme. People who play the PC version scream this the loudest. I'm am flexable. It can be hardcore RPG or hack and slash but the story must be good, the characters interesting and fighting must be something I look forward to and not something I dread. Dragon Age 2 accomplishes this for me in more ways then one. I on 10 hours and have am playing on normal setting which is a challenge enough for me. I died more early this game then I ever did on most of all the Final Fantasy installments( I played from FF 7 to FF 13).

I see some you have played on the "Nightmare" level out the gate. I don;t mind a challenge but I may need play thru this game and beat it first. Then maybe I'll try that insane level. I think for know I will enjoy this game or the present level. The story is fantastic so far and I love that I was able to design my character like I can in Mass Affect. It's nice to have black people in these types of games, even if I have to put them there.The attack menu takes some getting used to but it's not a pain like Fallout 3 with finding a needle in a haystack with there menu that should have a in game tutaral. I would give this game a 9.0, here is some video you can check out.


The graphics are real good and the action fast and furious. A game you will have to use strategy to win the later battle.  The 2 draw backs that may drive most batty is there are plenty of cut scenes. Idon't mind much if there is also a equal balance of intense action. The other does bother me. It is the same as Mass Affect 2. You will has some difficulty seeing the choices on responses to your conversations.  Except for this one this game is real joy to play. I highly reconmend this one. Also I brought this game on a sale that was at target for only $39.00! I prefer to buy new when possible I always want the book and I don't like the stickers that "Gamespot"  and others tend to place on their games.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


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Sunday, May 8, 2011


Happy mothers day and I'm sorry for the comic post. The baby and work have me running on empty but I had to give you something right. Let me first say I never heard of this game before. Fellow blogger Games4You did review on this and peaked me interest. It's called Alan Wake...

I have to wonder why they didn't promote this one more it looks real good and the concept despite being Resident evil zombie borderline is quite unique at the same time. I have Xbox so this is a game I would check out if I can find it. Some obscure games like this is notoriously hard to find. let me know what you think if you just played this recently.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


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Monday, May 2, 2011


Don't worry true believers I am working on new page as I write this. I just needed to share some big news! read the post and click the links below for more info. Osama Who Shot ya!

Finally after all this time are mutual enemy is dead. Osama Bin Laden is dead! They best be sure however, I thought I say few years that he has body doubles out there that will gladly die for him. I assume if the US is putting this out then they are triple sure they got the right one. It seems Bin Laden's death has decreased the risk of doing business around the globe especially the middle east. Another amazing thing is that the  Bin Laden is dead face book page goes viral! Further news say the President says Bin Laden was shot it the head. Who shot ya two times!!

The Navy SEALS stationed at Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach was responsible for the operation that killed Osama bin Laden. Who else could of have done it? The CIA did provide the intelligence however. We need to remember though that Al Qaeda operates as individual cells. I heard on the news that the Taliban are also all rilled up with the death of their leader. Many fear attacks could be imminent as a reprisal to the fall of Ben Laden. So everyone keep your eyes open! This isn't over by a long shot, but this has to be a crippling blow to those guys. I just hope Iran hasn't given those loony tunes any nuclear material yet. At least Osama Ben Laden death should bring closure to victims of 9/11.