Friday, February 25, 2011


The first chapter is over and the next chapter begins now. I was wondering what I could do different from most web comics. I decided to have a little intermission to fill in some gaps. Before I do that I'll add some revel ant news of the day first and then.

       First up... A little girl was saved by surgery from Parry Romberg Syndrome. A Controversy is stirring about the upcoming Ben Affleck and Matt Damon film, "The Trade," which aims to recount the 1970's "wife swap" scandal, involving former Yankees Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson. Charlie Sheen goes in rant and with one final flop gets his hit show canceled! Yes two and Half Men in being canceled! Also Washoe County School District posted this alert today (Wednesday, Feb 16, 2011) — Washoe County schools are on a two hour delay. School is canceled in Incline. No early release today. Elementary GT and am kindergarten are also canceled. Deadline Hollywood claims to have obtained the official annotated schedule for this Sunday's 83rd Academy Awards show, and they're describing it as . . . a snorefest.

Okay back to Rain Of Gods! The first chapter was a work in process and I like how the story is unfolding. The Recap is that Trikus and his friends

had fell before the might of Ashtar!

        Their only hope to stop him, was to travel back in time. Only Trikus survived. Meanwhile back in time... the the gods of old are at their peek of their powers and numbers.

To make a long story short The Chief gods are voting over the fate of Meta Humans that might challenge their power some day.

Orion who one of these Meta Humans,starts a fight with Athena who is in his way for his quest for revenge.
She has his best interest at heart or does she? Meanwhile the Egyptainatar God Anubis seems to playing RA so that he fuel his experiments for some reason. The question is if Anubis is trying to start a war or gain something?

 Thats the first chapter in a nut shell. The art and story will improve, I promise. Just give me some time. Chapter 02 will be up later or tommorow...

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